Fedora and me at Devconf


Devconf is an annual developer conference which happens across continents and I got an opportunity to attend the Europe edition of Devconf in Brno, Czech Republic. Devconf is a 3 day event filled with super-cool tech talks about the latest Red Hat and general open-source technology.

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Flock '17 - Day 2

I woke up pretty early for day 2 because my session was the first one for the day, and I had to polish my slides a bit. We had the usual introduction to the day by Bex which was followed by my CommOps and metrics workshop.

The workshop was split …

Flock '17 - Day 1

After a good nights sleep, I woke up pretty early for attending the session lined up on Day1. I walked to a nearby restaurant for breakfast and rushed back to the conference room just in time for the traditional State of Fedora Talk by the FPL (Fedora Project Leader), Matthew …

Flock '17 - Day 0

I recently attended Flock Conference, the annual conference of Fedora Project, where contributors from all around the world (yep, the 5 continents) come together, meet, hack and have fun. This edition of Flock was hosted in Hyannis, a beautiful city in the Cape Cod peninsula. In this post, I'll try …

Arch, Arch and away!

Foo : Hey, I just installed Arch and I can't connect to the internet.

Bar : Hey, my DE won't boot in Arch. Help, please.

FooBar : Man, I installed Arch and I can't find sudo. Will I die?

I wanted to put this up on Devrant but thought I'd write a bit …

Wrapping your head around SSH tunnels

Understanding SSH tunnels and real-time examples.

The dumb Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the trending buzz word in the field of computing today. Going by the dictionary, IoT is a collective name given to pieces of hardware, varying in size and power, from different corners of the world to the one large entity: The Internet. IoT is …

The final week - GSoC Wrap Up

Happy Independence day, India!

Also, today marks the beginning of the GSoC deadline week. This post will wrap-up what I have done during my intern period.

Community Bonding period

  • Figure out how fedmsg works
    fedmsg (FEDerated MeSsaGe bus) is a python package and API defining a brokerless messaging architecture to …

Identifying Fedora Contributors - Stats for Flock

Quoting the Fedora Wiki :

Flock is an annual conference for Fedora contributors to come together, discuss new ideas, work to make those ideas a reality, and continue to promote the core values of the Fedora Community: Freedom, Friends, Features, and First.

I was working on generating statistics for Flock this …

fedstats - Final touches and road ahead

GSoC Deadline is coming!

This week was meant for me to add the final touches to the tool and getting statistics for Flock ready by tweaking it.

Final Touches

The only thing remaining was categorization of output files. This had to be done because the files generated earlier where cluttering …