Flock '17 - What is it & Day 0

I recently attended Flock Conference, the annual conference of Fedora Project, where contributors from all around the world (yep, the 5 continents) come together, meet, hack and have fun. This edition of Flock was hosted in Hyannis, a beautiful city in the Cape Cod peninsula. In this post, I'll try not to put in fancy stuff and save the pictures of the city (You can google it), food (I don't want you to drooling as you read) and party (Ugh, the geek party) for later.

Unlike the previous editions, this edition of Flock was planned to be more action oriented. Less talking and more hacking. There was more number of hack sessions and workshops than talks, which was a very welcome change.

I arrived at the conference centre on Monday, giving myself some time to recover from jet lag. After taking a quick shower, I met up with the Justin W. Flory, whom I've been working with for almost a year now, but had never met in real life. It was also fascinating to meet the other community members who were only known by their IRC nicks (and occasionally the HackerGotchis) to me till date. After the usual meet-and-greet, a few of us went for a quick walk to a nearby beach and returned at around 7 p.m for the AV training session. It was a short and sweet session for all those who volunteered to get sessions on video and ended at around 8 p.m.

Post the session, we ran to grab some food and returned to find that the registration had opened up. Everyone who registered got a Flock badge, a really cool conference T-shirt and a pair of super comfy socks. I grabbed all the swag, pretended to claim the Flock attendee badge (Cheaterrr) and after spending some time checking out the schedule, walked back to the room; completely drained. I couldn't wait to wake up the next day :D