Understanding the statscache daemon

The last two weeks were pretty hectic. I had to read up a lot of documentation, code, fight spam and recover from a failed Fedora Upgrade. Phew, glad to have myself finally back up.

To start with, I was working on the stats tool very less this month and was …

GSoC - Journey So Far ( Badges, Milestones and more..)

2 days ago, I woke up to a mail from Google saying that I passed the mid term evaluations of GSoC and could continue working towards my final evaluation. "What a wonderful way to kick start a day, I thought".

Google Summer of Code Mid Term E-Mail

Image : E-mail from Google Summer of Code

Working on the …

fedstats - A final overview

Mid term evaluations of GSoC starts today. It's been a month since it all started and I'd like to blog (brag) about what I've done so far.

To start with, here are the list of things I was assigned to work on till the mid-term and the current status of …

Digging deep into datagrepper - More Statistics Features

This week was really exciting as I worked further on my statistics tool for the Fedora and Redhat summer interns. Last week, I had worked on some features like text reports and visualization.

After the basic skeleton written last week, a lot of features were added to the tool including …

Getting fedstats-gsoc production ready

I have been working on a tool that generates the statistics of Fedora interns. When writing code and running it, I came across various errors. I thought blogging about it and keeping track of it will be a good idea for anyone who will be using it in the future …

[GSoC '16] Let the Coding Begin!

The coding period of GSoC has finally started. It started on 23rd of May, but to me, it just started today as I had taken a 2 day excuse (Exams, sigh). As I mentioned in my earlier post, I will be working with the Fedora Project to build metrics tools …

[GSoC '16] Summer with Fedora

This summer, I am super excited to announce that I am participating in Google Summer of Code for the Fedora Project. As Google describes it :

Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source …

HackceptionCTF Work Log - Week 1

Event Co-Ordinators' worklog of Hackception CTF and an introduction to Capture The Flag, organized by Sachin S Kamath and Nishaanth Guna for Anokha 2016.

Directory Listing - Dangerous?

Post on Dangers of Directory listing, explained in a lucid and simple ma$

The Mandatory Hello World.

Hey there. If it was not evident from my landing page, I am Sachin S Kamath. To begin with, I am 19 years old and do a lot more than an engineering student should be doing in his/her age. I take pride in saying I am a gamer, cyber-security …